The Year That Was

If I had to surmise 2015 into one picture it would look a little something like this: This year has been filled with some dismal lows, and a few, minor highs. However, I survived. There were a couple of points in this year when I didn’t think I’d make it. I considered giving up on […]

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What I Love About Christmas

Christmas is definitely my favourite holiday and with only 9 sleeps to go, I thought I’d share with you what I love most about this time of year. Christmas Carols Nothing get’s me more in the mood to do grocery shopping than walking into Coles and hearing them blast “All I Want For Christmas Is […]

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Stereosonic 2015

I’m 92% certain that I’m still intoxicated whilst writing this, so please ignore all spelling mistakes. This is a recount of my day at Stereosonic 2015, as told by the random thoughts that pop into my brain.   7am: No shoosh alarm I’m not getting up 7:15am: I said no you stupid phone I want […]

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I Can’t Adult

So this morning I was cooking eggs in my fry pan, nothing too difficult, and my stupid smoke alarm starts to go off. Like any Aussie kid, I grab the nearest tea towel and start to wave it rapidly underneath the alarm, hoping to make it stop. I keep waving, and waving, and waving, and […]

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