7 Student Saving Tips

When I moved out of home at 17, I literally had about $26 to my name. Three years on, not a lot has changed. Being a poor and struggling student has made me consider different things to be more important than others, and I think it’s made me more of a savvy individual. I’m going […]

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Gen Y Gentlemen

It has been brought to my attention that gentlemen are a dying breed. Gone are the days where guys rock up at your doorstep with a bunch of flowers, surprise you with a picnic, or call you just to say they miss you. Gone are the days where guys open doors for you or offer […]

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Who Gossips More?

That was a rhetorical question. Contrary to what most believe, it is in fact guys who gossip more. Not girls. SHOCKING RIGHT? Wrong. Recent events in my moderately entertaining life have made me realize that guys really do gossip more than girls. Why has this been hidden for so long? Well I’m about to tell […]

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New Years Resolutions Which I Probably Won’t Keep

New year new me, right? WRONG! Resolutions are impossible to keep, but at least I tried. Stick to a diet My favourite thing to do in the entire world is eat. Specifically, I like to eat food that is bad for me. Chocolate, donuts, chips, coffee, and tim tams are just a few of the […]

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