How Do I “Uni”?

Technically I’ve been to uni before, and technically I already have a degree. But I can tell you now it was very different to what I’ve got myself into this year. I thought I’d once again recap my many (and I mean many) thoughts whilst trying to navigate my way through Day 1 of uni, […]

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Friendly or Flirty?

It’s becoming a common reoccurrence lately where people are mistaking my friendliness for flirting. Both guys and gals seem to assume my sarcastic and witty nature towards guys is actually my way of flirting. When really, my way of flirting is going bright red and struggling to even string 5 words together. Hard to resist […]

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V Day or D Day?

With T-minus 7 days until the most anticipated day in February I’m beginning to wonder, is Valentines day that important? Is it a crucial, relationship-testing event? Or is it just a pointless, money making day some irritating person invented to make single people feel bad about themselves? I’ve experienced Valentines Day with a boyfriend and […]

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