Hard to get or hard to want?

It’s the old saying “treat them mean keep them keen”. If you play hard to get, it’ll only make them want you more. The thrill of the chase. That’s what it’s all about. Right? Wrong. I don’t know about anyone else, but if someone is acting a little coy with me or pretending to be […]

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The thing about “things”

I’ve only really had one long term boyfriend in my life so far and it started off with a game of hide and seek (we were really cool 16 year olds, obviously). A few weeks later he asked me to be his girlfriend in a way that was so lame, it was cute, and from […]

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Shopping Centre Etiquette

When you spend as much time at the shops as I do, you begin to develop a certain set of guide lines that you follow whilst shopping, and you hope and assume all other shoppers will follow as well. When they don’t, it makes me mad. And if I’m in a rush, it makes me […]

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