The thing about “things”

I’ve only really had one long term boyfriend in my life so far and it started off with a game of hide and seek (we were really cool 16 year olds, obviously). A few weeks later he asked me to be his girlfriend in a way that was so lame, it was cute, and from then on I knew that our “thing” we had going had progressed to an actual relationship.

That was almost five years ago and I feel like times have really changed since then. The whole idea of a relationship seems a little foreign to us now, we’re all way too self-concious and over protective of ourselves so are afraid to fully commit to something. Instead, we have “things” or “flings” or “see someone” or “hang out” or whatever you want to call it. Pretty much, you stay at that point just before you get into a relationship, just in case someone changes their mind.

Nowadays, you can technically be with someone for a few months, hanging out and talking everyday (and secretly getting mad and jealous at each other for hanging out with other people), BUT YOU AREN’T DATING. You have a “thing”.  I swear that word and the word “friendzone” will be the bane of my existence. Whoever invented this ridiculous stage between friendship and a relationship really needs to take a good look at themselves and think about what they’ve done to the psyche of girls, and probably guys, everywhere.

I feel as if “things” are a social custom we’ve all accepted but all secretly hate. Like jeggings. THEY BOTH NEED TO STOP.

I’m not saying we should go back to the old days where you’d offer a girl all 17 of your sheep for a relationship, or resort back to 2005 where this happened way too frequently:


Just a simple:

Guy: hey, what we’ve got going is great, please accept theses flowers (because you can never go wrong with flowers) in return for being my girlfriend

Gal: Done deal

*does secret handshake*

Life is already stressful enough without the added pressure of wondering whether or not you have a thing with someone, or you’re just completely delusional and have made it all up in your head (happened to a friend of a friend of mine, definitely not to me).

And it’s not as if there’s just one type of “thing” either. There’s exclusive “things” and nonexclusive “things”. “Things” that are a secret to the world, “things” that everyone knows about. “Things” where you talk everyday, “things” where you only talk when you’re drunk. IT’S JUST SO CONFUSING.

All in all, the whole idea of a “thing” is just a lot of effort for such a questionable outcome.

I can only hope that one day I’ll randomly bump into Dylan O’Brien and he’ll ask me to be his wife right there on the spot. You just wait. It’ll happen. I can feeeeeeeeeel it.

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