The Girl Code

We’ve all heard of the bro code. It seems to be a special bond that all guys (whether they’re best friends or mere acquaintances) seem to share and abide by like it’s the federal law. A guy could have been seeing a girl for a short week, only kissed her, however she immediately becomes forbidden […]

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Questions I Hate Answering

“Sorry but I don’t want to answer that” “No comment” “Please direct that to my lawyer” If only these statements were valid answers for normal humans, and not celebrities/criminals facing hectic journos outside of a court room. Everyone has those few questions that they absolutely hate answering, yet seem to be asked them all the […]

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A letter to my 11 year old self

Today marks 21 years of Laura Frendon. 21 years of breathing, laughing, crying, yelling, and pretty much fumbling around trying to work out what to do in life. Now I haven’t had a particularly hard life so far. I’ve been blessed with a wonderful family who support me unconditionally, I’ve always had friends who I […]

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