Is blogging the future of journalism?

Their rambling, opinionated, and rant-like recounts of current events are written with heavy bias and little to no regard for accuracy and balance. However, they are addictive, engaging, and often a lot easier to read than a boring news article. Blogs are fast becoming a new brand of journalism and are threatening to leave traditional […]

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Honeymoon Avenue

  They say that at the beginning of every romantic relationship you’re supposed to go through the “honeymoon” phase. This apparently consists of non stop chatting about feelings, constant hand holding, and an uncontrollable need to jump each other’s bones every hour. Now this sounds quite desirable, and I know majority of people can relate […]

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Settle, Petal.

If you know me well, you’d know that I’m a pretty emotional gal. Actually, I’m not even pretty emotional. I’m very ugly, over the top, cry at the drop of a hat, emotional. I cry at sad advertisements on TV. I cry when I drop my favourite highlighter. I cry when I burn my pancakes. […]

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Pyscho or Pyschic?

I can guarantee you that every single girl has been called a psycho in her lifetime. Whether it’s because of her personality, her wants and needs, or her lack of trust, I bet you $10 she’s been called a psycho for some reason or another. You guessed it; I’ve definitely been called a psycho before. […]

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