5 fashion faux pas making a comeback

These days, fashion trends seem to change more rapidly than Kylie Jenner changes her hair colour. But, I’ve recently noticed that some of the biggest trends in 2017 so far used to be absolute fashion crimes. Fishnets, bell sleeves, and leggings all used to be frowned upon, but now, they’re making a comeback. Here are the top trends of 2017 that used to be fashion faux pas.

White Fox Boutique


Perhaps the most daring new trend of 2017 is wearing black fishnets underneath a pair of ripped jeans. I’m not sure who started this trend, but I’m kind of really digging it. I used to pair black fishnets with a variety of pieces from my mother’s wardrobe, then dance around my living room to Avril Lavigne.

Now, pop your fishnets under your favourite pair of ripped jeans and accompany it with a band tee and BAM. You’re stylish.





Gigi Hadid via Pinterest


I wore these when I was 11 years old, and accompanied them with a tasselled belt and skate shoes. I thought I was the coolest kid ever, until I attended Year 7 camp and realised to my horror that it was now skinny jeans that were cool.

We’ve kept these on trend for quite some time now, dabbled back into boot legs (no idea why) and branched out into boyfriend and “mom” jeans. And now once again, we’ve come full circle, and those darn flared pants are once again cool. Year 7 me would be so happy.



Kendall Jenner via Dailymail UK

Now I know “sports luxe” is all the rage right now, but I thought we’d created enough movement to make leggings in public socially unacceptable? But now, it’s all the rage! Add a stylish crop and a luxurious puffer vest and you’re good to go.

Brunch, Sunday markets, shopping. An outfit for every occasion.







Instagram: @brasnthings

Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t it a cardinal sin to show any sliver of your underwear to the public eye? A single bra strap protruding from beneath my tank top would cause an absolute outrage, resulting in church elders being alerted of my unfortunate incident.

Now, however, we’re encouraged to show our lacy and delicate bralettes beneath our button up tops, and it’s totally in right now to wear your Honey Birdette bodysuit paired with a high-waisted skirt out to girls night.





As a person with incredibly short arms, I find it extremely hard to get on board the bell sleeve bandwagon. However, I do believe those blessed with longer limbs can absolutely rock this one. After originating in the Medieval Era, and then making a comeback in the 70s, the bell-sleeve is once again on trend in a variety of forms.

I think it’s safe to say this once “out of style” trend is now officially back in.



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