You’ll never find a job

When people ask me what I’m studying, I’m almost hesitant to tell them the truth. If you’ve ever studied something arts related, I’m sure you’ve been told you’re going to struggle, that there’s no jobs, and/or you’re doomed for the rest of your life and are going to end up unemployed and homeless. Before commencing […]

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Conquering my fear of eyebrows

The last time I visited a beauty salon to have my eyebrows shaped/waxed I was left horrified, mentally damaged, and downright ugly. The elderly woman at Ella Bache, bless her little soul, still assumed thin, sperm like eyebrows were all the rage, and was a firm believer that your eyebrows should be very distant, mutated […]

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Three years on

Three years go I started a little keepsake book that I’d purchased from stationery heaven, Kikki K. I’ve been quite vigilant with it, and today discovered that I’d completed a whole three years worth of entries. Basically, the book has a different question for you to answer each day relating to different aspects of your […]

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