Three years on

Three years go I started a little keepsake book that I’d purchased from stationery heaven, Kikki K. I’ve been quite vigilant with it, and today discovered that I’d completed a whole three years worth of entries.

Basically, the book has a different question for you to answer each day relating to different aspects of your life. You do this for three consecutive years until the book is entirely full, and then look back on how much your life has changed.

Upon reviewing it this morning, I’ve learnt quite a bit about myself and how much my head space changed throughout those three years. I didn’t realise until now how unhappy I was for an entire year until reading my answers and comparing them.

Some comparisons are incredibly hilarious, some are a little frightening, and some are the same for all three years.

I wanted to share a few of my favourites with you that stood out to me.


If you recognise your name or think a specific answer is about you, my apologies, but not really because it’s my blog.

January 4 – Where do you live?

2015: 12/3 Hughenden Rd, St Kilda East, VIC
2016: 6/96 glenalva Tce, Enoggera, QLD
2017: 4/139 Birdwood Rd, Carina Heights, QLD

I think it’s quite impressive I managed to move every single year, and I’m now at a different address yet again.

March 13 – What is something you’ve done that you thought you could never do?

2015: Move out of home
2016: Pay for my own life
2017: Move in with a boyfriend

I’m fairly impressed with all of these answers, as all three situations scared the living daylights out of me. Thankfully, I’ve managed to accomplish all three of them with only a few meltdowns here and there.

March 30 – When was the last concert you went to and who was it with?

2015: Miley Cyrus in Melbourne with Maddy
2016: Stereosonic Brisbane – Maddy, Hannah, Fran, Dennis
2017: Woodlock last August – Ash

I think I saw Miley in 2014, went to Stereosonic in 2015, and saw Woodlock in 2016, so was a year behind on this question. Its kind of bazaar to think that some of the people I saw these concerts with, I hardly ever speak to anymore.

May 12 – Where do you see yourself next year?

2015: At Uni
2016: I want to say Japan but probably Brisbane…
2017: A paid writer

My 2015 prediction was right (go me), however my 2016 was not. I am happy to say though, that I’m quite happy to still be in Brisbane. Let’s just hope this years prediction comes true.

May 29 – What’s complicated

2015: Fitting in work, fun and sleep
2016: Uni and Ash
2017: Uni

I have such first world problems, but I’m absolutely losing it at my 2016 answer. Thankfully my complication turned into my boyfriend… eventually.

July 11 – Who is the most mysterious person in your life right now?

2014: Todd
2015: Chris
2016: Ash

2014 was my uni director, 2015 was an ex boyfriend and 2016 was a complicated individual who I’m now lucky enough to call my boyfriend. Gee I had some boy issues didn’t I?

July 30 – I’m confused by…

2014: Todd
2015: Ash
2016: Myself

Two names making an appearance once again.

August 5 – What should you celebrate?

2014: Surviving a day at PSA without hitting anyone
2015: I didn’t fall asleep while driving today
2016: No panic attacks in quite a while


August 14 – A great memory from this last week is…

2014: Saturday night with my PSA girls
2015: Making banana muffins
2016: My date with Ash

Wow I was cool in 2015. How on earth was making banana muffins a great memory?

August 18 – What bores you?

2014: Cleaning routines
2015: My life
2016: Uni lectures

Depressed 2015 Laura back at it again with the sorry for herself answers.

September 8 – What’s some advice you’d like to share?

2014: Don’t fuck around in rehearsals – you’ll have to come back at 9pm
2015: Boys are mean
2016: The grass could quite possibly be greener on the other side. Jump the fence.

Good on you 2016 Laura. So proud of you for jumping that fence.

September 17 – Would you go back to school/university? If so, what would you study?

2014: I want to study business at uni
2015: Okay, so I THINK I’ve decided journalism, we’ll see next year
2016: Currently studying a Bachelor of Journalism at QUT

How good am I at predicting the future?

November 14 – Write about a new beginning in your life?

2014: Biting the bullet and taking a risk with Chris
2015: Moving to Brisbane
2016: Taking a chance with Ashley

All three of these new beginnings made me so incredibly anxious, and I questioned all of them constantly. While the 2014 beginning didn’t quite pan out, and for quite a while I thought the 2015 beginning was a big mistake, I am happy to admit the 2016 beginning was my best one so far.

In my mere 22 years, I’ve come to realise that life is about taking chances and making mistakes. I’d much rather say “oh well” than “what if.”



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