Conquering my fear of eyebrows

The last time I visited a beauty salon to have my eyebrows shaped/waxed I was left horrified, mentally damaged, and downright ugly.

The elderly woman at Ella Bache, bless her little soul, still assumed thin, sperm like eyebrows were all the rage, and was a firm believer that your eyebrows should be very distant, mutated second cousins twice removed.

Everyone knows your eyebrows are supposed to be “sisters not twins,” however this woman didn’t seem to comprehend the simplicity of the mantra.

As she confidently showed me her work in a giant mirror, tears sprung to my eyes and I had a strong urge to dowse her entire face in wax. I nodded and thanked her, then ran out of the room to alert my Mum of the torture I’d just been through.

My mum is the most non-subtle person ever, and will always tell me her honest thoughts. So when she gasped at the sight of me and my newly done brows, I could tell things were bad.

By the time I arrived home she’d calmed me down a little and swore she would never make me go back to such an awful place.

And from that day forward I stayed away from all eyebrow beauticians.

Until today.

For some strange reason, I’ve mustered up the courage to have my eyebrows professionally tinted and waxed, and I’ve never been so nervous in my life.

You may be thinking, “stop being so dramatic they’re just eyebrows.”

But you are very wrong my friend.

Can you imagine your face with no eyebrows? Or just one? Or even half of one?

You’d look  ridiculous and would want to wear a large cap and sunnies everywhere you went.

SO, you should understand why I was so anxious to let someone go near my precious little hairs with tweezers and hot wax.

Nevertheless, I’ve decided to conquer this fear, face it head on, and let someone wrangle these baby caterpillars on my face.

I decided to go to Lush Tan Beauty as I’ve read quite a few good things in local magazines about them. They’re a locally owned business, have excellent prices, and banging before and after shots on their Instagram that really hooked me in.

Upon arrival the salon was stunning and the staff were super friendly.

The beautician looking after me had the best eyebrows I’d ever seen in my whole life, so I was pretty sure I’d be in safe hands.

I walked into the little room and was surprised and very happy to hear chilled Top 40 music, rather than the typical (and incredibly creepy) beauty spa/massage music that everyone insists on playing.

By the time it was all over (half an hour max) I was shown my face in the mirror and was actually really happy. My brows were fleeky without being over the top, and the redness from the waxing had been covered with a light layer of concealer.

I was that ecstatic I could have hugged the beautician, but I didn’t, probs would have been weird.

All in all it was a fab experience and I’ll definitely be returning.

If you’re a Brisbane local, defs give them a try!

Here are some stunning before and after pics for comparison.

Laura x

Insta: lfrendonblog





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