What’s that smell?

I firmly believe that I suffer from chronic smell association. Whether it’s food, perfume, garbage, or a plant, distinctive smells seem to bring back a flood of memories. Sometimes, this is a good thing, and the memories I recall are of happier times, about people I love, or simply just remind me of something that […]

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Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe

I’m not sure if I’m overly sensitive or just plain psycho, but when someone is giving off an unpleasant vibe, I immediately adopt it. Whether someone is being overly excited, painfully annoying, or just plain angry, I will instantly join them in whatever mood their expressing. I’m not one to believe in auras and that […]

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Teens vs 20s

When you’re in a relationship in your teens and talk about the future, you’re not really taking it seriously. Sure you make grand plans to get an apartment together, buy a treehouse in the middle of an island and have you’re own private butler, but it doesn’t usually end up panning out, and you’re okay […]

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Is blogging the future of journalism?

Their rambling, opinionated, and rant-like recounts of current events are written with heavy bias and little to no regard for accuracy and balance. However, they are addictive, engaging, and often a lot easier to read than a boring news article. Blogs are fast becoming a new brand of journalism and are threatening to leave traditional […]

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Honeymoon Avenue

  They say that at the beginning of every romantic relationship you’re supposed to go through the “honeymoon” phase. This apparently consists of non stop chatting about feelings, constant hand holding, and an uncontrollable need to jump each other’s bones every hour. Now this sounds quite desirable, and I know majority of people can relate […]

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